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SpongeBob SquarePants season 2. A blue jellyfish brings SpongeBob to a factory to see that the jellyfish he caught are being mistreated by Mr. Posted on 26 October , At a convention, SpongeBob meets the Jellyspotters, a highly-regarded group of jellyfishing experts. He notices the two and asks to trade for three wishes, which they accept. They both race to the Police Station to tell the police, who go along with it and jokingly sentence them to one second in jail. Plankton builds a robot imitating Mr.

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Retrieved May 21, Internet Movie Database. March 23, Archived from the original on August 5, Parents Television Council. August 1, Retrieved August 5, Media Research Center. Retrieved October 4, Innocent SpongeBob does not understand the dirty word graffiti he sees on a dumpster but Patrick tells him it's a "sentence enhancer" for when you want to talk fancy.

The rest of the episode features SpongeBob and Patrick using bleeped foul language. The bleeps are made to sound like a dolphin which makes the whole thing seem humorous. At the end SpongeBob and Patrick realize the words are bad and promise to never use them again but the episode ends with them telling Momma Krabs the 13 bad words Mr. Krabs has just said. All are punished by Momma Krabs for "talking like sailors.

Multichannel News. March 6, New York Daily News. Apple Inc. Retrieved November 26, Retrieved July 17, Archived from the original on October 22, Golden Satellite Awards. Archived from the original on November 11, Retrieved March 31, Season 2". JB Hi-Fi. Archived from the original on July 12, Nickelodeon portal.

SpongeBob SquarePants. Cast members Guest stars Awards and nominations.

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It's a Wonderful Sponge Krusty Krab. SpongeBob SquarePants: Book Category. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Subscription required using via Pages containing links to subscription-only content Good articles Use mdy dates from December Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

In other projects Wikiquote. This page was last edited on 22 May , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. DVD cover. This is the first episode to use digital ink and paint instead of cel animation. The song "Loop dee Loop" is performed by the band Ween. Andrew Overtoom.

While trying to prevent a dime from going down a sink, Mr. Krabs gets injured and goes to the hospital. Before leaving, he puts Squidward in charge of the Krusty Krab while he is away. However, Squidward decides to take the day off and instead puts SpongeBob in charge of the restaurant under the disguise of "running errands". While Squidward relaxes at home, he becomes increasingly worried that SpongeBob will mess up the job, so he repeatedly rushes back and forth between his house and the Krusty Krab only to see that everything is fine.

SpongeBob then points out that the "open" sign was turned to "closed" the whole time and that they could have taken the whole day off. Aaron Springer , C. Greenblatt , and Merriwether Williams. SpongeBob tries to celebrate his Sunday with a sundae for breakfast; after running out of ice cream, he makes a sundae out of rancid ingredients that give him bad breathe.

Everyone in Bikini Bottom is disgusted by his horrible breath and they try to avoid him. SpongeBob goes into a state of shame, but Patrick helps him get over it by telling SpongeBob to say he is "ugly and proud". The two go to a movie, where people continue to avoid SpongeBob, upsetting him.

Patrick eats some of SpongeBob's sea onion sundae. People avoid him too, and he's convinced he caught "the ugly" from SpongeBob. They soon realize that they stink. Walt Dohrn, Paul Tibbitt, and Mr. Pearl comes to work at the Krusty Krab during her summer vacation. She decides to change the restaurant's name to the Kuddly Krab and make it a teen-oriented restaurant. However, her ideas cause the restaurant to lose income, and Mr.

Krabs tells SpongeBob to fix it without hurting Pearl's feelings. The job is becoming too stressful for Pearl, so SpongeBob pretends to "fire" her and allows her to go back to her daily routine. The mail truck comes and gives Patrick an award. However, SpongeBob sees the award that has his name on it and tells Patrick that it belongs to him.

This makes Patrick want an award and become envious of SpongeBob's numerous Krusty Krab cooking awards. So Patrick gets employment at the Krusty Krab in an attempt to get his own award, but this proves to be a disaster, and he begins dressing and acting like SpongeBob as a result. He eventually gets an award.

Guest appearance: Corky Carroll as Grubby Grouper. Aaron Springer director C. On Employee Brotherhood Day, Squidward thinks that he gave SpongeBob an explosive pie to eat and decides to spend time with SpongeBob while he is still alive in attempt to make his last day memorable. He does a bunch of nonsensical activities with SpongeBob only to realize when the day is over that SpongeBob never ate the pie, but reveals to Squidward that he was saving it so they can share it.

SpongeBob trips and accidentally drops the pie on Squidward, causing a massive explosion. Plankton builds a robot imitating Mr. Krabs to steal the Krabby Patty formula. However, while infiltrating the Krusty Krab, this proves to be easier said than done. SpongeBob then inserts a penny to the "self-destruct" slot of robot-imitated Mr.

Krabs, which self-destructs the robot and ruins Plankton's plan. SpongeBob and Patrick pet-sit for Sandy and befriend her pet caterpillar, Wormy. Meanwhile, Wormy now as a butterfly wanders the town, but is feared by the people who don't know what a butterfly is, causing mass chaos. Sandy eventually finds the escaped butterfly in the ruins of the city and catches it into an empty jar.

This leads to the rest of the city cheering about "catching the monster". With the Krusty Krab low on customers, SpongeBob introduces his own idea: However, Mr. Krabs and Squidward deny his idea. Angry, SpongeBob leaves the Krusty Krab and sets up a stand selling his patties, which proves to be a business success. With such large attention, Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob if he could run his business and in exchange let him run the Krusty Krab.

He agrees and is delighted to be back at his old job. After the next day, the customers harshly criticize the negative effects of the patties at Mr. The episode ends with SpongeBob rubbing pickles while Mr. Krabs gets chased by a mob of angry customers. Marion Ross as Grandma SquarePants. SpongeBob and Patrick, while doing another of their charades, completely demolish Squidward's house with their reef blowers.

Finally done with his crazy neighbors, Squidward moves into a gated community called Tentacle Acres with his own kind to find enjoyment, but he is overwhelmed by the results. He eventually became overly bored of doing the same activities over and over again. While Squidward is trying to play with a reef blower , the citizens get angry and try to chase him away.

Squidward eventually uses the reef blower manically and flies out of Tentacle Acres. SpongeBob and Patrick, who happened to go into the town, had noticed what was happening but did not realize that it was Squidward. As Sandy prepares for hibernation , SpongeBob happily agrees to play extreme sports with her to have one last fun time with her before her long sleep.

He soon regrets it after Sandy plays too risky and hides from her. SpongeBob hides from Sandy under Patrick's rock. Sandy forces the Bikini Bottom citizens to help her find SpongeBob, but they eventually get tired of her antics and also hide under Patrick's rock. Sandy proceeds to maniacally destroy Bikini Bottom looking for SpongeBob.

The people throw SpongeBob out of Patrick's rock to be discovered by Sandy. This forces SpongeBob to rant to Sandy that he can't do extreme sports anymore and asks in desperation if they can still be friends. However, he sees that Sandy has already gone into hibernation and he goes to sleep too. Patrick, having returned from doing errands, finds the Bikini Bottom people under his rock.

SpongeBob and Patrick learn from Mr. Krabs about borrowing and manage to borrow a balloon, but are forced on the lam when it accidentally pops. They try to pay for the balloon but have no money. They run away from Bikini Bottom, and go to camp in the middle of nowhere. When Patrick eats one chocolate bar, he thinks SpongeBob stole it.

They both race to the Police Station to tell the police, who go along with it and jokingly sentence them to one second in jail. It turns out it was a misunderstanding since it was "National Free Balloon Day", prompting both to promise not to take anything without permission again. This is the first double-length episode. Larry Leichliter.

Patrick and SpongeBob go into Sandy's treedome while she hibernates for winter. SpongeBob and Patrick's loud commotion wakes Sandy, who has become feral, mistakes the two respectively as Pinhead Larry and Dirty Dan, and proceeds to beat them up. SpongeBob and Patrick try to escape the dome, but as the winter storm becomes more intense and the dome cools down, SpongeBob and Patrick are forced shear all of Sandy's fur to survive.

SpongeBob's pet snail Gary suddenly becomes attached to Patrick and leaves with him, leaving SpongeBob dumped. Out of jealousy, he attempts to find a new pet to show Gary that he does not need him. However, it's revealed that Gary was trying to eat a cookie in Patrick's pants pocket. After eating the cookie, Gary returns to a delighted SpongeBob.

Puff finally passes SpongeBob in his driving test , giving him his license. Soon after SpongeBob leaves, Mrs. Puff believes she has made a mistake, and starts feeling guilty for cheating. Indeed, SpongeBob gets a car from his parents as a gift, leading Mrs.

Puff to decide to steal it. At a convention, SpongeBob meets the Jellyspotters, a highly-regarded group of jellyfishing experts. SpongeBob does everything to impress Kevin, the group leader. Kevin asks SpongeBob if he wants to try out for the group, but Kevin's scheme is to actually get SpongeBob hurt and ridicule him. In the end, however, SpongeBob has been able to win the group's attention thanks to his heroic acts, and Kevin receives a taste of his own medicine after his negative attitude towards SpongeBob has gone too far.

Guest appearances: The Krusty Krab begins hosting stand-up comedy nights. SpongeBob, being one of the comedy acts, makes humorous but insulting jokes about Sandy that the audience likes, but nearly costs him his friendship with Sandy. Realizing this, he tries everything to make it up to her. Sandy, SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr.

Krabs, and Squidward start fighting because the sea creatures think that they are better than land creatures, and Sandy thinks the exact opposite. A trip to the zoo during "Free Day" goes wrong when a giant clam gets angry and cries loudly, and SpongeBob thinks it is his fault and tries to make it up. When this episode first aired, it was a voting poll hosted by Patchy the Pirate in which the audience would choose by phone and online whether Spongebob, Patrick or Squidward would get to make the final wish.

In three endings, which were shown after the episode resumed following the voting, Squidward wishes that he has never known SpongeBob and Patrick in his entire life; Patrick wishes for chewing gum; and SpongeBob wishes that the Flying Dutchman is a vegetarian.

As Spongebob received the most votes, the latter ending was chosen to be the episode's official ending and has been the official ending ever since. The original minute version can only be found on the First Episodes DVD set, except that the text on the screen with the original phone number used to vote is replaced with "Yikes Matey! SpongeBob has to give Gary a bath.

However, Gary, hating baths, starts a full-scale war against SpongeBob in order to avoid a bath at all costs, creating a mass havoc across SpongeBob's house. Eventually, when trying to scold at Gary from high up a tree, he falls down and becomes dirty. SpongeBob then has to take a bath while Gary smiles about it. Krabs and Plankton hold a poker game.

Krabs bets SpongeBob's employee contract in the stakes and loses. To get himself back to the Krusty Krab in retaliation, he becomes very rebellious and spoiled towards Plankton. SpongeBob and Patrick discover a pencil that fell down from the surface from a human artist at sea. It is no ordinary pencil—whatever artwork or shape they make using it comes to life, and the eraser can permanently destroy it.

They eventually stopped DoodleBob from moving by pressing him against a hardcover exercise book, which the page was then pinned on the wall. SpongeBob learns that Patrick is distracted by his "secret box". SpongeBob goes through great lengths to see what Patrick's box really holds in secret. Squidward recruits the citizens of Bikini Bottom to play in a marching band for the Bubble Bowl, in an attempt to impress his rival, Squilliam Fancyson.

Even though it was disaster at first, SpongeBob finally convinces the other band members to go through with the performance for Squidward's sake, and he takes command of their training. At the day of the performance, the band arrives to play spectacularly, which had shocked Squilliam.

He experiences a state of shocks and faints, leaving Squidward to celebrate as he leaps into the air. Squidward and SpongeBob are forced to work 24 hours a day by Mr. Krabs , so that he can get more money. Squidward soon gets bored, and tells SpongeBob a scary story to just scare him. SpongeBob then gets scared, but is told by Squidward that the story is fictional. However, when Squidward and SpongeBob are alone, the events in Squidward's story begin to occur.

But not for long as the ghost of a non-fictional character named "The Hash Slinging Slasher" turns out to be someone who wanted to become a fry cook recruit in the Krusty Krab. Krabs meets Mrs. Puff and is instantly smitten by her, going to his limits to prove his love for her. Krabs cannot control spending his money for Mrs. Puff, so he leaves SpongeBob in charge of his wallet.

This is, however, easier said than done as Mr. Krabs repeatedly has SpongeBob buy gifts, exhausting SpongeBob. SpongeBob finally has had it, curses at Mr. Krabs and leaves. SpongeBob is assigned to compose an word essay on what not to do at a stoplight as a part of his latest driving test.

However, every time he tries to continue his essay, he constantly procrastinates to the point of having a nightmare about his procrastination gone bad. Patrick's parents come to visit him on Starfish Day. He gets SpongeBob to act dumb so his parents will think he is smart.

His parents fall for the trick, but Patrick forgets about the plan and begins insulting SpongeBob. None Visible: Yes Language: Add to Favorites. Posted on 14 October , These characters are hilarious!!! This was damn well done, I realllly hope we see more of this one, And more from the artist. Nicely drawn too. This is what you dream about if you watch those 9 hour Spongebob marathon blocks that NickToon channel loves to run every day.

Gotta take things in moderation. I don't know quite what to say. This confuses my boner. Well that's another entry on my list of shameful things I've fapped to. Posted on 16 November , The artist "nerdspurter" has this HF account, but it isn't active. Posted on 12 December ,

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Region 2. Patrick then realizes these parents are not his true parents. New York Daily News.

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  7. Like the first season, the second season received critical acclaim from critics and fans.

This leads to the rest of the city cheering about "catching the monster". Multichannel News.

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