The Importance Of Hermione Granger

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W and tries to get members to join in an effort to educate wizards and liberate the house- elves. My mum had always pushed me towards reading: Hers is a leadership based in respect earned through years of building positive relationships, providing support and encouragement and consistently acting in a principled way. She is made fun of throughout the books for being the one with her hand always in the air to answer questions, always doing her homework on time and demanding that Harry and Ron start revising for their exams. All Time-Turners were later destroyed during a battle in the Department of Mysteries.

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Hanging out with Harry Potter comes with a world of secrets. If Hermione was not able to restrain herself, their friendship surely would not have worked. Hermione also manages to keep Viktor Krum inviting her to the Yule ball in Goblet of Fire as a secret until that night, but again maybe this was for the shock factor.

This particular secret is actually hard for Hermione to keep, for she believes that it is causing more harm to keep Harry in the dark than good. Nevertheless she keeps Harry in the dark despite her gut feeling. When readers first meet Hermione, she is not willing to break any rules. Making the Polyjuice Potion in Chamber of Secrets and sneaking around in the invisibility cloak is just the start of her rule breaking.

Under an unbearable Umbridge rule, the students at Hogwarts were not being taught how to properly defend themselves, and with a fully powerful Voldemort on the loose, Hermione found it necessary to break every single rule Umbridge enforced. To start off, Muggle-born students were under attack and being threatened by the heir of Slytherin. Well, not exactly. If Hermione was scared about being attacked, she only let that motivate her more.

She devised a plan to trick Malfoy into revealing if he was the heir of Slytherin or not and then brewed a Polyjuice Potion in a girls bathroom in her second year in Chamber of Secrets. The extremely advanced potion takes months of brewing and forced Hermione to steal ingredients from Snape. On top of all of this, she was the one that figured out there was a gigantic snake in Hogwarts lurking the halls before saving herself and another girl.

Even in a frozen, petrified state she still managed to leave Harry and Ron the information they needed to succeed. Perhaps one of Hermione's greatest moments is slapping Draco Malfoy in the face in the Prisoner of Azkaban. However, seeing Hermione punch Malfoy right in the face in the movie version may have been just a tiny bit more satisfying. In the beginning of the Harry Potter story, Hermione is not necessarily the best strategist.

In Sorcerer's Stone , Hermione is the one that loses her cool when it comes to the Devil's Snare forgetting she was a witch for a moment. Hermione cleverly catches the nasty reporter Rita Skeeter as an unregistered Animagus in Goblet of Fire , and then devises a plan to blackmail Skeeter into publishing the truth about Harry and Voldemort in Order of the Phoenix.

She later leads Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest to get out of a tricky situation.

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The most impressive strategic work of Hermione Granger truly shines in the Deathly Hallows. Not only did she had an escape plan in place at The Burrow in case Death Eaters or rouge ministry workers showed up, but she literally planned out the entire hiding. She packed a bag full of clothing, books, camp equipment, medical supplies, and various things they might need for their long time in hiding.

She also thinks up a list of locations for the trio to travel to as well as learning all of the necessary spells to keep them guarded from muggles, snatchers, and Death Eaters alike. When they are eventually kidnapped by snatchers, she is the fastest thinker and hits Harry with a spell that changes the appearance of his face. After learning that house-elves make the food at Hogwarts and do not work for wages, Hermione starts S.

W and tries to get members to join in an effort to educate wizards and liberate the house- elves. She quickly finds out that the house-elves are happy working at Hogwarts, and discovers the consequences of not working by witnessing the drunken mess that becomes of Winky. However, J. Rowling did reveal that Hermione works for the Ministry of Magic in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures in the future, and apparently continues working on S.

W to give house- elves fair wages. She then moves on to provide a happy home for Crookshanks, a smushed-faced cat, who no one wanted to purchase from the shop. Even when Kreacher was screaming vile slurs at Hermione, she still found a way to be kind to him. By doing this, she builds a bridge of civil communication between the trio and Kreacher.

In return, Kreacher cooks for the team, tells them about Regulus Black's involvement with with the locket horcrux, and even helps Dobby kidnap Mundungus Fletcher. She allowed herself to experience sadness, anger, and frustration, but never let those overcome her and get in her way. Hermione genuinely understood the importance of opening up, which is why she was such a good friend to Harry.

In Deathly Hallows after being kidnapped by Snatchers, Bellatrix Lestrange repeatedly used the Cruciatus Curse on Hermione to torture her into admitting they stole the Sword of Gryffindor. Hermione's screams of pain could be heard all the way in the dungeon by Ron and Harry. Not to mention, the Unforgivable Curse is known to cause so much pain that the repeated use drives even fully trained wizards insane.

Shortly after being tortured, Hermione helps devise a plan where she has to transform into the woman who tortured her and break into her Gringotts Bank vault to steal a horcrux. The idea of impersonating someone who tortured her must have been extremely uncomfortable and hard to handle. However, Hermione does not let that stop her, and she understands that it must be done in order to complete the plan and obtain the horcrux.

This enormous act of strength often goes unnoticed when talking about Hermione. Hermione has shown loyalty to all of her friends throughout the series, especially Harry and Ron. However the biggest moment of true loyalty has to be the moment she decided to stay with Harry during the search for horcruxes in the Deathly Hallows.

The trio was constantly cold, hungry, lonely, and with the locket horcrux around their necks, angry and full of self doubt. When Ron, who was affected the most by the horcrux, became overcome with the exhaustion of the constant search and decided to leave, Hermione could have easily left as well.

However, she stayed with Harry and continued the search even though it would have been much, much easier to leave. Continuing on without Ron was very hard for her; by this point in time it is quite obvious that they care for each other very deeply. Hermione even cried herself to sleep a lot of nights and the sadness seemed overwhelming.

However, she did not let this get in the way of their quest; she continued on with great strength. Hermione makes one of the most beautiful changes out of any character in the series. I pictured myself fighting alongside them, defending them where needed. I saw myself sat in black robes lined with yellow at the Hufflepuff table in the Great Hall.

I had found a place where I belonged. My mum would let me read one chapter a night before bed and then take the book off me and read it herself. My most prominent childhood memory is sitting in class and my teacher declaring that our reading hour had started.

Every single child in that room pulled out a copy of Harry potter and the Order of the Phoenix and began reading. Including my teacher. This series was by no means the first I read as a child, but it was the first that really stuck with me. When the final book came out, I stared at it for the first two days.

We had two copies of the book at that point so mum was well into her copy, but I was terrified of the adventure ending, of parting away with the characters that had been the only real friends I ever had. One night, at 4am, mum came running into my room because I was hysterically crying; Fred Weasley had just died.

At twenty years old, I was having fights with university friends about which Hogwarts house was superior, my university had both a Harry Potter and a Quidditch society. Some of the best people in my life right now became my friends because of our love for this story. At nearly twenty three, my car keys are attached to a Hufflepuff crest keychain.

She is made fun of throughout the books for being the one with her hand always in the air to answer questions, always doing her homework on time and demanding that Harry and Ron start revising for their exams. Out of all the things she could use a time turner for in the third book minus the obvious plot point she uses it to attend more classes than is physically possible to do without manipulating time.

In Deathly Hallows she fills her bag with over ten books just in case there might be any useful information in them that could help further down the line: My point is she loved reading and she loved learning but more importantly she never changed. She showed me that devotion to something you love is important and you should never ever be afraid to passionate about the things that mean the most to you.

For more of my reading adventures follow me on Goodreads. For my videos, check out my Youtube. For bookish photographs follow my instagram: A proud Hufflepuff who talks about books and also tries to write them. View All Posts.

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Hermione has shown loyalty to all of her friends throughout the series, especially Harry and Ron. You are commenting using your WordPress. Reid Kerr-Keller Sep 20, The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Although charming them this way allows her to turn them back, it was still very risky business. Granger received hate mail after journalist Rita Skeeter wrote that she had broken the hearts of both Potter and Krum. She raises her hand to every question in every single class and does extra work proving that maybe she just might be a bit of a bossy, know-it-all. And Bravery!

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger and the importance of feminist leadership:

  1. Despite a small fight between Harry and Ron that resulted in the two boys ignoring each other, Hermione somehow remained friends with both of them.
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