Front Receiver Hitch

Left Side View

The receiver mounts on the stock bumper attachment points on the frame.

Rear View

The Bevels provide clearance for the steering sector. A reinforcing triangular plate was welded behind the receiver tube covering the end of the tube and extending down to the bottom of the crossmember.

Right Side View

The Stock Bumper bolts to angle iron that's welded to the top of the receiver. Some trimming of the Bumper Bracket is necessary to clear the body work.

Front View

A hole was cut in the Bumper to access the receiver.

Receiver and Bumper installed

Side View

With the Receiver installed, the Stock Bumper mounts above and forward of the stock location. This leaves room for a High Lift Jack that clamps between the bumper brackets, and a shovel that bungees to the High Lift. The pin for the hitch is accessed from the top after removing the jack.