Assist Handles

The passenger side front seat has Assist Handles (that's what Isuzu calls them). One just above the passenger door, and the other on the pillar between the windshield and the door. The drivers side doesn't have them. In Japan the Troopers are right hand drive, so the left side would be the passenger side and it would have Assist Handles. Knowing how efficient the Japanese are I assumed that there were mounting points for assist handles on the left side, our drivers side. So I went to the salvage yard and got 2 Assist Handles out of a wreck


I pulled the trim and sure enough there were the mounting points.

I have inserted a bolt to show one of the mounting points in the pillar

And in the mounting points above the door.

The bolts also help mark where to drill the holes for the handles by hitting the trim against the bolt head with a rawhide mallet.

Then I drilled through the marks using a plastic drill bit. The drill bit is not plastic, but is ground for cutting through plastic. A metal drill bit will pull into the plastic and may cause cracking. A drill for cutting plastic, has a flat area ground at the tip. That flat area peals the plastic as it drills and so does not pull itself into the plastic. You can see that flat near the tip where the sun is making it look like a white stripe.

Inserted the mounting screws in the drilled holes and marked an outline of the handle.

Drilled out the area inside the marks, and trimmed out the dross with an Exacto knife. Didn't have to be too neat since the trim piece at the base of the handle covers the hole. Once the holes where trimmed, I popped the trim back in place, and screwed the Assist Handles into place.

So there they are, looking as if they were installed at the factory.