On Board Air Compressor

York on Board!

I was told that you could use a York AC compressor as an onboard air compressor, so I started lookin around, and found this site:www.jedi.com/obiwan/jeep/yorkair.html

That was all the inspiration that I needed to install one in my Trooper.

The compressor is driven by a single belt. Intake air goes in the lower port through a breather filter. Compressed air comes out the upper port and through a high pressure hose. That loops down back towards the front and connects to a coil of 1/2 copper tubing near the bottom of the radiator. The coil of copper tubing acts as a cooler, (I hope) then up to a manifold that includes a 140psi pressure relief valve, a pressure shut-off switch, a gauge, an oil/water separator and a T to the front and rear air hoses.

The front hose goes to the grill and a quick disconnect. The rear hose goes to a 5 gal. tank located on the underside of the body work directly under the passenger seat, then continues to another quick disconnect on the rear bumper.

The red items on the left of the front picture, and right of the rear are high amp connections for the winch.

Power to the electric clutch passes through the Pressure switch. The switch turns off the electric clutch to the compressor at about 120psi, and turns it on at about 80psi.

The York compressor is large, and heavy, but it airs up my 31x10.50/15 BFG MTs from 15 psi to 39 psi in about 8 minutes.