On Board Air Compressor

I used a York AC compressor as an onboard air compressor, on my 86 Trooper II. The inspiration came from Ben "Obi-Wan" Hollingsworth's installation Then I saw Dan Houlton's On Board Air and thought it was a sweet setup.

The 96 Trooper didn't have enough room for the York, but Dan's installation gave me hope, so I went to the junkyard and found this!

Not the Schnauzer, the compressor!! It's from a Turbo Subaru. The pulley came from a unrecognizable wreck .

This is a Vane type compressor, a little clean up and here it is;

It's a little over 7 inches long. The bad part is that it seems to require a little pressure on the discharge side in order to pump, this means that I may have to leave pressure in the air system all the time. The good part is that the rear portion seems to be an oil reservoir. It contains a pump that I assume pumps oil under pressure to the underside of the vanes which pushes the vanes against the body of the compressor forming a seal. So although I may occasionally have to add oil to the system, and an oil separator will be required, I don't think that I will have to design a oil recycler system.

Here is the shallow dished pulley mounted on the stock fan pulley. This pulley will drive the Air compressor

Here is where it's going to go

The upper mounting bolts on the stock AC compressor are lower mounting points for the bracket that will hold the Air compressor Along with those bolts I used the stud that holds the fan bearing housing.  Here is the bracket.

The nuts are welded to the bracket, and are for the tensioner hardware.

The head of the lower back bolt had to be ground down slightly to clear the head.

Here you can see the belt run and the belt tensioner. The tensioner also comes from the Subaru. Because of tight quarters you can't see the bracket when everything installed.

With a 36 inch belt.

It is a tight fit I used the Subaru suction and discharge hoses. The suction hose runs back to the firewall. The paper lawnmower air filter slips over the suction hose, and is held on with a hose clamp. Below the air filter is a green spring. That spring is part of the pressure switch, and will be hidden by the cover when the installation is complete. Below and to the right of the pressure switch is the air/oil separator, and extending from that is the quick disconnect.

The discharge hose connects to a series of 1/4" Tees. Those Tees connect the Air Tank, Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure switch and the Air/Oil Separator. The pull ring on the Pressure Relief Valve can be seen just below the corrugated portion of the intake tubing.

The frame has 2 tubes that pass through the frame, I welded a freeze plug on each end.

Then drilled and tapped it for 1/4 NPT, and bingo instant air tank.  

It only holds about a gallon, So I am going to do the same thing to the bigger tube

It's installed!!! This compressor doesn't pump very much air until there is pressure in the discharge line. So once turned on, a quick blip of the throttle builds pressure in the discharge hose, then it pumps like crazy.