Replacing the Spare Tire Mounting Bolts

Without going into details, suffice it to say that 2 of the 3 spare tire mounting bolts became lost. Had that happened in the field, it would require carrying the spare in the back of the Trooper. So I decided to replace the bolts with studs.

So with inspiration from Keith E. (LocoAmigo) and David Chang

I used Grade 8 studs. After applying some LockTite to the last few threads ONLY!!!!!and screwing them in from the back, I torqued them to 90 FtLbs.

The trouble is with the length of the studs I used the lip on the rim holder prevented the holes in the rim from lining up with the studs

That lip was easy to grind/sand off.

Then spare slips right on.

A close up of the rim holder without the lip

It is a SNUG fit on the jack holder. Looks like this is the largest tire I will be able to mount as a spare.

With a cover from a front wheel.