Snorkle for the 86 Isuzu Trooper

Well Sort of.....

The time has come to consider an on-board welder, but space is a real problem in the engine compartment. As you can see the on-board air compressor takes up quite a bit of space.

Even with a smaller compressor there still wouldn't be much room. Either way the air intake tubing would be in the way. So I decided to reposition the air intake tubing, as a start in making room for the on-board welder. I have seen some Snorkels for the Trooper but all of them require repositioning of the fuse block, and putting holes in the fender well and fender. I don't much care for making modifications that I can't undo, so cutting holes was out of the question. But if you look on the firewall there is an access port for the windshield wipers.

That access panel not only provides access to the windshield wiper mechanism, but to the area where the climate control system (heater/ac) gets it's air. High pressure clean air comes through the louvers that you can see under the hood on the cowl and into a chamber that runs almost the width of the engine bay. Inside that chamber, on the passenger side, there is a port that leads to the climate control system. On the driver's side the chamber just has the control arms for the windshield wipers running through it.   So I removed the access panel and replicated it with a piece of sheet metal. I then put a hole in the new panel that the intake tubing fit through. You might be able to see that I included a 3/16" lip around the hole so the panel would not cut through the tubing.


After painting the panel on the left was installed replacing the stock panel. Then the intake tubing was removed from it's stock location, inverted and reinstalled on the air cleaner. the intake end of the tubing was then inserted into the hole in the new panel.

As you can see the hose rests on the vacuum boost for the brakes, and this may cause problems in the future if a hole is worn through the tubing from the contact. Other wise it was a clean and easy install with no other clearance problems. This source of engine air should be as good if not better than the stock location, EXCEPT there is a possibility that in a heavy rain, or during a water crossing, too much water may get into the chamber and the engine may inhale some. Which could be really bad for the engine. Hydraulic Lock. I tossed a 5 gallon bucket on the louvers and none of the water got into the air cleaner tubing. So far the only other drawback is an increase in engine intake noise inside the cab, but not so much that the stereo can't drown out.

The area that was taken up by the air intake tubing is now available. If I go to a smaller rotary compressor I should have enough room for a 100+ amp alternator for the on-board welder.