2" Lift on an Early Trooper

The Trooper doesn't have a lot of ground clearance, and the independent front suspension limits what can be done. Here is what I did. On the front I trimmed off 1/2 the height of the bump and droop stops. Doing that increases the travel by maybe an inch or so.

Also it allows you to crank the torsion bars increasing the front ride height 2" and still have enough droop to keep the handling safe. I cranked the bars until there was about 1" between the droop stops and the A-arm

The bad part is that trimming the stops allows the CV joints to operate closer to their limits more often, so increased wear and failures may occur. I've been running like this for about 8000 miles so far with out problem.

I made 4" longer rear shackles for the rear. Total lift is only 1/2 of the increase in shackle length. So 4" longer shackles made for 2" of lift. Notice the Ultra-High Tech Iron Oxide coating on the shackles. This coating actually replaces rust.

Also I trimmed about 1" from the rear bump stops in an attempt to get more travel.

So with the front T-bar crank, the longer shackles, and the 31x10.5s the Trooper has about 3-4" more ground clearance than stock.