Lift Front Receiver Hitch

The front receiver hitch on the 86 worked so well that I decided to make one for the 96. The front bumper was mount looked like a good place to put the crossbar for the receiver. Here is the left side marked out.

Cut out the center section and fit the crosspiece

Using the original bumper bracket as a template, I made the bracket for the receiver out of 1/4" steel plate and welded it to the bumper bracket.

Here is the hitch welded up.

The test fit

The red button is the power receptacle for the winch. The hitch itself is the ground.

The bumper bolted on and the clevis adapter in the receiver hitch. The bumper plastic had to be trimmed to access the receiver.

The pin for the hitch is accessed from the air inlet below the hitch. I have to lay on the ground to get to the pin. It will be a real hassle if I ever get stuck in the mud!!!

The Clevis will also serve as a jack point for the HiLift