Hi-Lift Mount

I could have just put it in the back, but then I would have lost style points. Besides hanging it off the rear door frees up space inside. Preventive Maintenance is required if the Hi-Lift is mounted outside .

The Bracket is held on with 5 bolts and backing plates behind the sheet metal.

The R clips are in holes drilled in studs. A quarter turn of the R clips loosens the studs, then the R clips can be pulled out, and the Jack can be taken off the studs. To replace the jack just slip it on the studs insert the spacer and R clips and turn the clips to tighten.

After taking a hard look at the R clips I decided that they were a bad idea.  The clips themselves might have sheared off and they made the HiLift a bit too accessible to folks whom might want a HiLift jack for themselves.  So I went to bolts instead.