5 Gallon Fuel Can Mount

This is the sheet metal with the license plate mount removed, .The door has 4 blind nuts to mount a licence plate.  I used the lower 2 to mount the plate.  I drilled 4 holes through the outer skin all the way through the inside of the door.

Using long bolts on 3 of the holes the mount is bolted to the door.  In order to level the can holder, the lower bolts have a 1/2" spacer between the can holder and the door skin.

I cut sections of steel tubing to act as spacers between the outer door skin and the inner sheet metal for 3 of the bolts.  On the lower right I fabricated a bracket out of a section of conduit to reinforce that mount point.  I wanted to spread the load so that sheet metal doesn't flex and crack at the mount points.

Here is what it looks like with the trim panel reinstalled.  There is plenty of room between the plastic and the metal for the ends of the bolts and the nuts.

I made an upper bracket/bumper that the strap runs through and attached it just below the window, in an attempt to keep the fuel can from rocking back and forth..



Side View.