Fire Extinguishers

2 Fire Extinguishers came in the box, so I put one in the rear by the small door.

But it is too far away from the drivers seat to get to quickly.

A nice place to put it would be here.   There is not enough room between the trim piece and the door.  But there is enough room if the trim piece is removed

The Fire Extinguisher Bracket attaches to the seat mount with one screw.

Then I trimmed the plastic to match the Extinguisher

And reinstalled the trim.

The Extinguisher fits snugly between the door pillar and the cut out in the trim.

The Plastic gauge cover just touches the carpet on the door when the door is closed.

There it is out of the way yet easy to get to.

The storage tray that I built into the back forced me to find a new place for the one that was installed in the cargo area, so I  installed it on the passenger side