Transfer Case Drain Plug Protector

I hope!

The skid plate for the transfer case has been bashed up against the transfer case, by missuse and abuse. Must have been the former owner. Either way the Drain plug was exposed below the skid plate. Bad Luck and the right rock might knock it out or push the plug up into the transfer case.

So I dropped the skid plate. Then I took a 3/8ths thick piece of rubber belting and using a hole saw cut an 1 1/4" hole in the approximate center. I placed this piece of rubber around the Drain plug and reinstalled the Skid Plate.

This section of belting is really too small in width and length. It shooed be a bit larger so that any impacts on the skid plate that get transferred to the transfer case are spread over as large an area as possible. I should have used at least a 6" square section.

The belting should extend to the front (left in this photo) past the transfer case seam.