5 Gallon Fuel Can Mount

Here is how I mounted the 5 gallon can rack. I removed the license plate, the license plate light cover,and the license plate light. I then fabricated a plate of 1/8" steel that bolted to the license plate mount. I attached the can holder to that plate.

To prevent the Can from rocking back and forth banging against the door, I installed a plastic bumper strip. The strip is made of 2 pieces of 1/2" x 1 1/2" delrin screwed to the stock light mount. A slot was cut between them and the strap passes through the slot.

The license plate mount would not be strong enough hold a full 5 gallon can, especially bouncing around off-road. The mounting plate and the door where license plate mounting points would fail because they would flex too much. So I installed reinforcing struts from the bottom of the can holder to the bottom edge of the door. The struts are just galvanized conduit with the ends hammered flat and holes drilled in them.

Mounting the struts required drilling holes in the bottom of the door.

The license plate was relocated to under the can holder. It attaches to a piece of angle aluminum. An inexpensive light is also attached to the can holder. I painted the part of the lens that faces away from the plate red. This illuminates the plate adequately. Or at least I haven't been stopped by the police for it yet.

The license plate clears the bumber when the small door is opened. and when the door is fully open it does not contact the rear tail light.

Installing the can holder in this location does not affect the operation of the rear doors in any way.