Here is Robert Ansick's

Cadillac Powered Isuzu Trooper


Engine Bay

Left Side Exhaust


Right Side Exhaust


Top, Front, and Rear Views of the Engine Bay

A Throttle body from a Cheverolet 454 with Injectors from a Cheverolet 350 work with the stock computer to fuel the Cadillac.


Oil Pan and Bellhousing Modification


The Body Lift

See it is a Manual!!


After driving the V-8 for a while, Robert decided that the stock 4.56 differential gearing is too low, so he installed a 4.10 Dana 44 rear axle from an Isuzu Rodeo.  The 4.10 front 3rd member from the Rodeo will soon be installed in the front differential of the Trooper.

Robert Ansick does Custom Turbos Fabrication and Installation