CB installation in the Center Console

The Radio shack CB fit nicely in a blank spot in the console The speaker on this CB is on the bottom of the unit, and could not be heard when the radio was installed. I removed the ash tray, and put a remote speaker in it's place. The CB can be heard easily at highway speeds through the remote speaker.

On the 86 Trooper the antenna was mounted on the roof. The roof acted as a ground plane for the antenna, so it was an excellent location and once the antenna was tuned the radio had very good transmitting range. The bad part about that was when on the trail it overmodulated the receivers of radios that were close by. So I always sounded garbled and hard to understand to folks on the trail. Since I use the CB primarily on the trail, I mounted a Firestick antenna on a "L" bracket attached to the top bolt of the spare tire mount of the 96.

The stock bolts for the spare tire mount have a special head, so I replaced it with a standard metric bolt. Other than that it was an easy bracket to make and install. I used a vice grip to remove the stock bolt.

Mounted in this location, the antenna is very near the centerline of the trooper.

Since there is no ground plane this is a less than ideal location for an antenna. The down side is that transmission and reception range is not as great as it could be. The up side is that now I can be heard clearly by receivers close by. Perfect for the trail.