AirLift Air Bag

In order to remove the springs, I squeezed them together with ratchet straps. Then jacked up the Trooper till the rear wheels came off the ground. The springs and spacers just fell out.

The airbags have a nipple at the top center where the air hose connects. That hose has to pass through an included spacer, and the lift spacers, so a hole has to be drilled through the centers of the lift spacers.

Here is the lift spacer with the center hole drilled

The included spacer was just a little to big to fit inside the rubber spring isolator.

1/8" was trimmed off the radius of the spacer, and now it fits.

The air line is routed above the gas tank and down through the center of the spring mount.

Here is one of the bags with the Trooper in the driveway.

With the bag installed I took the Trooper out and flexed the suspension. As you can see the bag is shorter than the spring at full travel. This MAY be a problem. I can see a couple of areas where bag failure may occur. For example, the nipple may hang on the edge of the center hole in the spacer, and get pushed into the bag, rupturing it. This is the passenger side, fully extended on the left and fully compressed on the right.

The drivers side fully extended, on the left. Fully compressed on the right. The spring with the bag get very close to the heat shield. This may also be a problem.

After routing the hoses and joining them with a T, I mounted the air inlet valve here.

With the bags fully inflated up to 35 psi, and fully loaded the increase in lift is 1 inch. But the load carrying capability is increased, and now there is some adjustablity in ride height. Only time will tell if this was a good idea for off road usage.