Isuzu V-6 & V-8 Swap Information

The pieces have come together. Without bolting any parts together here is the result. You can swap your Isuzu engine for any engine that has the same bell housing bolt pattern as the Chevy 2.8L. That includes the:

Chevy 3.1 V-6, 3.4 V-6 and 3.8 V-6 (fwd)

Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0L DOHC V-8

Cadillac 4.1 4.5 and 4.9 Pushrod V-8

Cadillac 4.5L DOHC Northstar V-8

All of these engines share the same GM 60 degree bell housing bolt pattern!!

These swaps will work for ANY of the Isuzu Family of 4x4s from 1988 to 2002.

Here is how.

For the 1st gens from 88-91, with 2.6L Manual,
install a 2.8L MUA5 transmission and bolt up the new engine.

For the 1st gens from 88-91, with 2.6L Automatic,
exchange Bell housings from a 2.8L automatic and bolt up the new engine.

For the 1st gens from 88-91, with 2.8L Automatic or Manual
bolt up the new engine

For the 2nd Gens from 92-02 with 2.6L, 3.2L, or 3.5L, Manual,
install a 2.8L or 3.1 MUA5 transmission and bolt up the new engine.

For the 2nd Gens from 92-02 with 2.6L automatic, install a 2nd gen automaticand bolt up the new engine

For the 2nd Gens from 92-02 with 3.2L, or 3.5L, automatic,
bolt up the new engine

Although I lean toward Troopers in this process, you can see that If you own an Amigo, Rodeo, or a Pup the swap will work for you.

For the MUA5 manual transmission applications, that are behind a stock 2.6L, 3.2L, or 3.5L you will have to swap your transmission for an MUA5 from a 2.8L 1st gen Trooper or a 91 3.1L Rodeo, since the bell housing is integral to the transmission.

There were just 2 automatic transmissions that were installed in Amigos, Rodeos, and Troopers from 1988 on. They were the A340H and the 4L30-E.

If you have the A340H and the 2.6L, you could swap the bell housing from a 2.8L A340H, or swap the entire transmission.

If you have a 4L30E, behind a 2.6L, you will need to change the transmission. Do a transmission swap out of the any 2nd gen 3.2 or 3.5 automatic.

Since I have not done any of the above mentioned bell housing swaps, I don't know if they entail just swapping the bell housings, or if it requires a teardown of the front section of the automatic transmission.

That's it!!. As with any swaps there will be many complications and you have to be prepared for them. For example with the DOHC V-8 swaps, one of the bolt hole is about an inch from correct location a new hole drilled in the bell housing fixes that problem. Also the starter may touch the top of the bell housing, the bell housing may have to be relieved in that area. Welding a plate between the webs on the upper outside of the bell housing retrieves any strength lost from starter relief.

The pushrod cadillacs have the starters on the opposite side as the Isuzu, so the bell housing will have to be relieved in that area.

Remember this information is just to expose you to the possibilities, not to guarantee that these swaps can be done!

The Isuzu computer should be able to drive the fuel injection for the TBI V-6 swaps. For the V-8 swaps you might want to get an after market computer and computer wiring harness. Check with for a computer, and a flywheel. Using the early OBD-1 computers from the donor vehicles is also an option. The OBD-1 allows some programming of the computer.

Personally I prefer the Aurora DOHC 4.0L V-8

Please remember that I have not done this swap, the above is just for planning purposes only. Before you begin any swap be sure to research your project thoroughly.


;Please E-mail me if you find any of the above information to be faulty or if you have any additions

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Last modified 8 Nov 03