1996 Isuzu Trooper

Besides Nick and the Schnauzers, you can just barely see Mt. Williams just above Nick's left shoulder, and the Red Rocks of Sedona to the right of that.

So far I have installed:

Power Brute Limited Slip Front Differential

Power Brute Limited Slip Rear Differential

Tera-Low Transfer Case Gears

CB Radio

On Board Air

AISIN Manual Hubs

Rear Spring Lift Spacers

AirLift Air bags

Driver's side Assist Handles

Front Receiver Hitch

Hi-Lift Mount

Fire Extinguishers

Rear Storage

5 Gallon Gas Can Mount

Automatic Transmission Cooler

Transfer case Drain Plug Protector

Mud Flap Repair

Replaced the Spare Tire Mounting Bolts

Roof Rack

1.5" Body Lift

33" Tires


Flipped the Upper Ball Joints

Cranked the Torsion bars.

Soon it will get the following:

Skid Plates, Front, Engine, Transmission, and Differential

Rocker Panel Guards

Rancho RS-5000 Rear Shocks (only because it already has them on the front)

Rancho Steering Stabilizer

And Much Much More (well maybe not that much more)

Yes Well looks like nothing much more
The Trooper is dead,
The Trooper is Dead,
Long Live the Trooper

The Isuzu Trooper "Troopersaurus", not the Wyoming State Trooper.
Oh yea, the Deer is dead too.

It's RigRater Score is:593RRv1.0 with a BOA of 18.14

RigRater does not take the front and rear limited slip differentials into consideration when calculating this score.

If you give me money, I'll try to spend it.