I made this out of 1" mild steel square bar. I cut an 1/8" slot about 1/2" deep in one end of the bar and forge welded a section of file into that slot, then forged the Tomahawk.  The idea was to have a hard steel edge sandwiched between the mild steel.  Doing that should protect the more brittle high carbon steel and make the Tomahawk more durable.

Sounded like a great idea at the time.  And it did seem to work.  The edge is high carbon steel and the I've heat treated and tempered it.  Thing is, the file steel is probably only 0.008" thick.  I should have thought it out a little better.  Since the file steel is about 1/8 thick inserted into an 1" square bar then it's width will be 1/8th of the thickness of the blade.  Just behind where the bevel for the edge starts the blade measures 0.065", and 1/8th of that is 0.008"

For the next one, if there is a next one, I will forge the blade down to around 1/4" then slot the mild steel and insert the file steel.  That should make a hard edge of around 0.020"


This is my third Tomahawk, and I still don't have it right.  The weight of the head should have been between 17 and 21 oz.  I miscalculated the weight of the 1" square bar that I used and so the weight came out to 13 oz.  A little light, but it should work. 

I polished and blued the previous Tomahawk.  This one has the carbon coating left from the heat treating process.  If this coating comes off in an unattractive manner, I will blue it. 

Some of the carbon has come off this side, but I want to wait and see how it looks after use.