Po-Boy's Tank Bag

This is how I mounted an inexpensive backpack as a tank bag





The front mount is a piece of cold water tubing that has been drilled through one side about 3/4" from each end. The tubing is then split from the ends to the holes.

Strapping is threaded through the tubing and pulled through the splits to the holes. That strap is tied around the front tank mount.

The front loopof the bag is looped over the tubing, and when the rear clips are connected, the T shape of the tubing holds the front of the bag.

The rear clips.


How the clips look when the bag is off.

You can see that there is no damage to the frame or bodywork from the clips or the strap



The Clips are attached to the fuel tank by a piece of strapping threaded through an existing hole in the tank and knotted. The free end of the strap passes through the clip and is used to adjust the tension on the bag.


After a couple of years of use this is what the tank looks like.