York Air in a TJ

Yea it's not an Isuzu, but DJ is a friend and he asked me to help.

The York will go this side of the AC compressor

There is plenty of room. Looks like it will fit upright.

So we GENTLY bent the AC line to make room for the York. After looking at this position it became obvious that belt adjustment might be a problem.

But Hey it will fit this way too, and the York can run in this position.

There is plenty of room between the fender and the support rod.

Here is DJ making the bracket out of 1/8" mild steel

He is cutting out the belt adjustment slots

The upper mounting plate installed with the York bolted to it.

This bracket is plenty rigid for and aft, BUT with just this plate holding the York, it will flex up and down and fatigue crack will soon appear between the bolts holding the bracket to the stock AC and the lower bolts holding the York. What you can't see is another bracket connecting one of the mounting points on the underside of the York to the upper alternator mounting bolt. It also has an adjustment groove cut in it. With that bracket installed the mount is very rigid. I'll try to get a picture of it soon.

Now to drive the York. We used MG130 Brazing rod to attach a pulley that we found at the local salvage yard to the stock multi-v alternator pulley. The V-pulley was selected based on how closely it fit the stock pulley.

First We wire brushed the paint off both pieces.  Brazing REQUIRES clean surfaces.

Then We tinned both contact areas with the brazing rod. Clamped them together with a bolt through the centers and brazed them together.

The MG130 has a 130,000 lb. tensile strength rating, so it should hold.

We drilled out the center hole of the V-pulley so that we could fit a socket on the stock attachment nut.

And bolted it on.  We got lucky and the pulley runs true!

There is plenty of clearance between the York and the fender.

And between the support rod.

Check back soon for the rest of the story