West Greenland Skin On Frame Kayak

Here is the Kayak ready for skin. This is a hand made boat, built by a first time kayak builder.  There are quite a few flaws, none of which I consider fatal.  I also fretted quite a bit about all of the errors, but then rationalized it this way:  A traditional builder would have just the materials available, and so would have modified them to work.  So made what I had work.  I will point out the bad stuff in each picture

The Stern. I don't know how I will be able to skin this end without putting creases in the fabric.

This is a Three piece rib. The doubler is glued to the other two pieces of rib.

Another three piece rib.

A rib was too short, so I put a spacer in. It is glued to the rib, not to the keelson.

A narrowed and thinned rib.

Third rib from the front required a spacer.  When it was bent it started to split, so I put a doubler on the outside. 

This is how I terminated the fore end of the chines

The Stem

During assembly the gun'nale broke.  I glued the break, and patched it with a doubler.

Top view of the gun'ale doubler.

This is the cockpit rim placed it between the Masik and the crosspiece when sewn into the fabric it will be about 3 inches forward of this position.

Just a stem to stern shot.

Fore Starboard side.

Fore port side

Stern to stem.

Stern starboard side.

Stern port side

Foot Rest and fore deckbeam mounts.

Aft view

Keel looks straight.

Tough to see, but there are two close splices on this chine

There was a little defect on this rib that caused a kink here. The little doubler fixed it.


If you give me money, I'll try to spend it.