West Greenland Skin On Frame Kayak

Deck Beams, Deck Stringers and Lashing up

Here is the frame with the knee brace, masik, deck beams, and deck stringers all lashed up

The frame is upside down to show details of the fore deck stringers lashing, you can also see the mortising for the ribs.

To lash the aft deck stringers to the backrest, I drilled two 1/8th inch holes at a 45 degree angle from the middle of the top of the backrest, to the middle of the aft edge, on either side of of the aft stringers.

Then laced through the holes. Using this method, I was able to tighten the lashings the same way all the rest are tightened.

Detail of the masik, foot rest, and one fore deck stringer lashings.

Warning the above pictures may show an incorrect method for tightening the lashings!

There is a strong possibility that these lashings will not hold. The lashings on the previous page show both sides of the lashings are pulled together with half hitches. I could not get the sides of these loops to come together. There could be some dynamic that I am not aware of that may cause the lashings above to come loose if both sides of the loop are not pulled together. If you are familiar with lashing and can help me with this problem, please contact me

The other fore deck stringer. You can see the dowel used to pin the stringer to the knee brace.

Here are the fore deck beams lashed to the deck beam.

The first attempt at the bow stem piece.

I think I have miscalculated the stem piece. It doesn't seem to give the depth needed in the bow.

I dinna make the same mistake with the stern stem piece. It's excessive length will be trimmed after fitting the keel stringer

I just wasn't happy with the first bow stem, so I made a new one. Here it is installed with the keel stringer roughed in. It's starting to look like a Kayak.

The aft stem piece.

Most of the ribs installed and the chine stringers temporarily clamped in place.

In the process of making the ribs, I must have broken 10-15 of them, either I'm a slow learner or I'm doing something wrong. Oh yea I was told not to use kiln dried wood, trouble is at less than 15% humidity any wood left outside around here quickly becomes drier than kiln dried wood. There are only 2 ribs left to bend both of have a pretty tight bend radius. I may have to soak the ribs overnight prior to steaming them.

There is a string, strung from stem to stern and it looks like the keel stringer is fairly straight

Laced up and ready to skin

If you give me money, I'll try to spend it.