Wood Scraper

I made a pair of kayak oars for the Pirogue. Since the PL Premium glue worked so well with the Pirogue, I decided to use it for the paddles as well. As expected the glue worked great but there is one drawback to using PL Premium. It doesn't take to sanding. The glue remains just flexible enough to frustrate sandpaper. Usually all sand paper does is rough it up.

After the glue hardened I tried cleaning up the excess glue that squeezed out of the joints using a putty knife. That worked ok, but it really didn't get all the glue residue up. Then I used the edge of the putty knife 90 degrees to the work surface. That worked better. It also reminded me of wood scrapers!

So I took a small dull three inch diameter saw blade that I had saved because it was good steel, and I knew I'd use it someday, put it in the vise and whacked it with a hammer, hoping to break it in half. It broke into three pieces. I took those pieces, and ground them so that each had two flat square faces. Just for the heck of it, I also ground away the teeth on both sides of the larger piece, and one side of the middle sized piece so they had square curved edges. You can just see where the teeth are ground away.

Here is a link to the hows and why fors of Scrapers .

Below is one of the scrapers in action. The paddle blade is hardwood, and the scraper is pulling up extremely thin shavings. They are so thin, that they disintegrate as they curl up.

The handle is soft wood and it pulls up a little thicker shaving. You can see how thin the shavings are.

Another picture of the handle shavings.

A comparison photo doesn't show the glue removal very well.

I accidentally got PL Premium on the work bench. Here is the work bench after a couple of passes with a scraper.

The top half scraped clean, and the resulting pile of shavings.

Here it is with all the glue scraped off.

A commercially available scraper would probably do a better job, but the one I used cleaned up the PL Premium nicely. I would certainly recommend using a scraper to remove PL Premium rather than sandpaper.