Skin On Frame Recovery Kayak

I purchased Building Skin-On-Frame Boats, by Robert Morris and decided to try and build a skin-on-frame Recovery Kayak

The next thing to do was doweling and tying the deck beams. Unfortunately during the time I was doing that I forgot to take photos, so here is a photo showing the front of the kayak all laced up.

The initial shaping of the bow

The initial shaping of the stern

After installing the deck beams, I made a Masik and Knee Brace by laminating 1/8" strips.

After machining, the Masik was too thin, so I made another lamination and glued them together to make the Masik. Here is The inside starboard side attachment

This near professional quality photo shows the outside starboard Masik attachment. If you look closely you can pretend that it shows grooves carved into the gunwale for the sinew. These grooves recess the sinew so it doesn't show when skinned.

Masic, Knee Brace, and Deck Beams installed.

A better view of the final bow shape and the fore Deck Beams. The upper Deck Beams are only supported at the ends.

Spacers braces and lashing for the upper deck beams can be seen here

Bow on view. You can also see the aft deck beams.

There are 4 upper aft deck beams. To space them, I've divided the distance between the gunwales by five, and marked the beams they will rest on. Here are the marks plus the centerline of the boat mark

The upper aft deck beams in postition

Upper aft deck beams pinned and lashed

Next: Ribs and Stringers

I'll post more as the work progresses.

If you give me money, I'll try to spend it.

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