A few weeks back one of our neighbors was over for "Chips and Dips and Beer Night" (an informal gathering that takes place every Friday night). During the course of the evening He tells us about a boat that his grandparents had. A little 1968 Run-about. He expressed his love of that boat, and how his Grandparents used to fly either a Martini pennant, or a pennant of a girl on water skis on a staff at the bow of the boat. It was a rather entertaining story, and you could easily tell he felt quite a bit of nostalgia for that boat.

In any case, I need a trailer for a Hobie Holder 14, that I got in a trade for a junk golf cart salvaged out of a manure pile. Which come to think of it is a whole nother story. Boat trailers are spendier than I care for, so I started looking for cheap boats that came with trailers.

I finally found an ad in the newspaper for a $100 boat with a trailer. JACKPOT. The plan is to buy the combo and salvage what I can out of the boat, then trash it and keep the trailer.

Turns out the boat is a nice little 1968 runabout. Thing is I have COMPLETELY forgotten about my neighbor's story. As I am looking at the trailer, also a vintage item, My eyes keep going back to the boat. It's just TOO CUTE to trash. Light blue in color she's a 14 footer with real nice lines. There is well over $100 in salvageable parts, but I just can't see trashing the boat.

Another Dilemma. I really don't want a power boat, just not into them. Too Spendy, besides my wife doesn't care much for em either. Looks like it's decision time

I buys the boat and get it home.

Now, on the way home I'm trying to think of what I can do with this boat when I remember that a Trials riding buddy of mine has family members that are into powerboats. I'll see if he can find a home for it, if not there is always "FREECYCLE" (tm).

Turns out that He is gonna drop by that afternoon anyway. When he shows up I offer him a FREE boat. Odd, he doesn't seem to excited about it, but he does say he will ask around and see if he can find someone who wants it. I hope he is successful in a hurry cause I have really exceeded the "Maximum Number of Boats Allowed in the Yard" limit

As it turns out, this all takes place on a Friday. Chips and Dips and Beer Night. As people show up I offer them a free boat, after of course telling them the story of the $100 trailer, that includes my neighbor, who somehow didn't see the boat when he came over. As the evening winds down I start pimping the free boat again,and my neighbor says "lets go look at the boat"

I show him the boat, and offer it to him for free. He says he will take it. WHA??? FAR OUT! He then says that the boat is just like the one his grandparents had,and he would LOVE to take it off my hands!!! There is a fancy word for it, but what a coincidence. It's really obvious that he and his wife are very excited about having the boat. Looks like a win/win situation.

Well after I tell him he can have the boat free, and he accepts, I change the deal (SNEAKY DEVIL AIN'T I), I tell him he can't have it for free, but will have to buy it from me! Come on, I gotta cut my expenses too! So I tell him he can buy the boat for a dollar. After a long heated discussion he agrees to pay my exorbitant price, and we have a deal.

Here is that boat in it's new home on it's new trailer:

Ok so back to the trailer. As I said it's a vintage item, and has seen it's share of modifications. One of which is some really FUNKY fenders, which have to go, not only cause they are ugly, but the 12" tires I have to replace the original 8" tires won't fit under them.

Out comes the grinder, and off come the fenders. Ya know, before you make irreversible changes on anything you have, you should always check on the availability of the replacement parts first. NOBODY in the local area carries trailer fenders for 12" tires.

Since I didn't have any luck finding any prefabricated fenders, I decided that it was fabrication time. The various possibilities ran through my head, I could get some sheet metal and bang some out, or perhaps some foam and fiberglass, etc, when I spotted one of those black plastic plant pots that nursery plants come in, EUREKA!

I could make a fender out of one of those! I went down to the local nursery, and the fellow there gave me a used large pot similar to this:

I wanted the fender to be 7" wide, so I across the pot 7" from the top, and 7" from the bottom, then cut those sections in half resulting in 4 pieces. Two sets that looked like this:

Nesting the bottom section on top of the top section. The difference in Diameter results in a little excess that we will call a mud flap:

Connect the sections together using pop rivets and washers

Resulting in two fenders. One left and one right

It looks like this when mounted

Now to see how it works.