Splitting the logs

First I had to make a Froe. I started with a section of leaf spring like this one.

Into the forgeacue. It's a forced air charcoal forge, and when your done forging you can barbacue on it.

The Froe wasn't the be all end all of log splitting tools. Or I didn't know how to operate it. SO you can see that the log splitting turned into a goat rope. It took me about four hours to split this one. You can see the Froe with the crow bar in the handle socket. The handle for the Froe is leaning up against the sawhorse.

The log is split. The assortment of tools seen on the logs along with brute force is what did it. The grain is not straight and which is why it didn't split straight. (or there was an operator error)

Making a new Froe