A Faering

or not

A tale of failure and a lack of perserverence.

Sort of.... The descriptions of Faerings on the internet have inspired us to try to build a boat using mostly traditional techniques. We are not going to be purists though, and will use modern materials whenever appropriate. For example. Some Faerings were coated in a mixture of pitch and pine tar as a preservative yielding a black boat. That's all well and good, but we will probably use black latex paint, so the boat will look like it's pine tar and pitch, without the gooey mess.

Also this might be a Sewn Boat, where the majority of the pieces are held together with cord. Instead of natural materials, we will use nylon rope to prevent the lashings from rotting away.

We don't have any plans, we're just going to build it by eye. Or I should say we are going to TRY to build it by eye. This our second boat, and so it's not like we are master boat builders. We just figured that poor fisherfolk couldn't afford or didn't have access to boatbuilders, and they had to build there own, and hope it floats. So that's what we are doing.

A HUGE pine tree die off caused by the pine bark beetle has given us FREE LOGS!!!!

This is the boat kit, before assembly

The Logs