A $90 Boat

Ok it's up to $90 now. I bought a Mini-Cup 12 for $50 It was junk the hull had severe dry rot and was falling apart. But it did have a sail, mast, boom, and other hardware. So I decided to try to put the sail rig on the Pirogue. Here is how it came out.

Wadda ya think? Does she look over-canvased to you?

I used the daggerboard to make a leeboard. I added a piece on top of the leeboard with a handle to facilitate raising and lowering.

The notched piece has a blind bolt in it. The leeboard mount has a blind nut. The leeboard can be raised and lower by loosening the notched piece and held in place by tightening it. The mount clamps on so that I can move it fore and aft to test the location of the leeboard. There is one fixed clamp on the outboard leeboard end and one adjustable one on the inside.

The far side clamps.

The mast step, and belaying pins in the fore knees. I added the knees fore and aft to stiffen up the hull a bit. The halyard is on the starboard pin. The down-haul is on the mast

The traveler is just fed through holes in the aft knees and then secured with a figure eight knot on each end

The Mini-Cup 12 tiller was pretty difficult to use, so I made an extension. The fore end of the shock cord is actually supposed to be moved up about 2" where it rests against the down stop and holds the rudder down.

The boat sails fairly well in a light breeze, and moves right along in a bit more. There is not much freeboard, so it's easy to put the rail in the water. With the leeboard in it's current position it has a slight weather helm. It ought to be a nice fair weather sailer. That is the good news. The bad news is that it is almost impossible for one person to self-rescue after a knock-down. It's possible with 2, but difficult. Looks like I'll have to add additional buoyancy before it's a safe boat to sail. I figure an ice chest sized box section amidships might do it.

Steering turns out to be a problem so I am now experimenting with steering with lines