A 40/40/40 Boat

Can I build a boat for less than $40 in less than 40 hours that weighs less than 40lbs?

Well Lets find out.

Start out with 2 sheets of 1/4" luan at about $8 a sheet, and butt join them with a scrap piece of 1/4" luan. PL Premium Construction adhesive is the glue. I bought 2 tubes at about $4 each.

A test fit up looks ok.

The chine logs are made from lumber recovered from construction dumpsters. That lumber was cut into 2x2s, scarfed to a 16 ft length and ripped on the diagonal.

PL Premium and brass boat nails ($$$$$) and the sides are attached to the chine logs. This is something I will regret later.

The chine logs are notched out to fit over the butt joint.

The confident assured look on the builders face will last about 24 hours. That's about how long I left the panels alone for the glue to set up.

After much heartache and misery, the boat has progressed to the point where the gun'ales are getting glued. Three different sizes of PVC pipe make up the clamps. Gee why aren't there any photos of the intervening process?? You don't want to know, and as you can see I'm not going to tell you. Oh yea gun'ale material is 7' door stop.

Looks ok right? This shot was made to hide 90% of the mistakes that I have made to this point. Ya know I'd have been better off assembling this boat on a strong back with frames. Triangular shaped chine logs attached to the sides are really hard to bend to the shape of the bottom.

A test float partially finished.

Paint is next. Oh yea I had to open a 3rd tube of PL premium but since I used very little of it the cost will not be included. (CHEATER) (I AM NOT!!) (ARE TOO)

Plywood, 2 sheets @ $8/sheet = $16

Pl Premium, 2 tubes at $3.50/tube = $7

Door Stop, 8 pieces @ $1.80/piece = $15

Bronze Boat Nails, 2 1/2 boxes @ $3.50 = $8.75

Tube of caulking, 1 @ $2.20

Paint, leftover from the house, 3 qts @ no cost = $0

Total = $48.95

The fore and aft bulkheads are sealed to provide reserve buoyancy and storage. Those areas are accessed by watertight hatches made out of plastic 5 gallon paint buckets and lids.

So I didn't build this boat for under $40, but mostly because of the unstated mistakes which caused an excessive use of materials, and those beautiful Bronze Boat Nails. Those things are COOL! If I were to build another boat I would use galvanized nails and keep the price under $40. No I wouldn't, I'd still use the Bronze Boat Nails! Those things are WAY COOL!

Ok how about 40 hours? Well at 38 hours it could have been considered a boat. Didn't have any paint but it probably would have floated, and not leaked. The buoyancy chambers had not been sealed at that point, but it was a boat. A proper method of assembling the chine logs and the sides would have made it easy to finish the boat in under 40 hours with paint as well. But no I didn't get under the 40 hour limit more like 48.

Well we still have the 40lbs?? Before paint, 42lbs.

Two friends out paddling it.

Now if the requirements were 50/50/50 it would have been duck soup!!

In the process of building paddles for this boat I used a wood scraper to remove the excess PL Premium. The scraper worked a lot better than sand paper.

I used Gregg Carlson's "Hull Designer" program to design and layout the piroque.

Here is the Hulls File for this boat

Hey, it paddles so well let's put a SAIL on it!!!