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Quidquid volumus, nos agimus,
quandocumque volumus id agere.
Laetamini aut scortamini.

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Hey want to help out your fellow humans beings? Are you using all of your computer's cycles? Electronic devices don't like being turned on and off. So why not leave yours on, and help humanity at the same time? You can use your computer to help cure cancer and other diseases. Please visit: 

Protein Folding

This program runs in the background, on unused computer cycles, computer time you are just not using, the only cost to you is the electricity used to power your computer, about 60 watts while the program is running.

If you are interested in mathematics instead check out:


Personal Interests

Observed Trials I've been riding Observed Trials for 30 years, and still don't have it right....:What is Observed Trials?
Jesse and I rode a Trail in Utah called "5 Miles Of Hell", here is the story 5 Miles Of Hell

4-Wheeling with the Trooper Nick and I take the Trooper out just to see where the trails go.

Road Racing So if you think I'm just a poser check this out: 56z
BlackSmithing I am a complete novice at blacksmithing. Smithing
Rock Climbing I climb with the Idaho Falls Alpine Club Here is a video clip of some of us climbing at the City of Rocks, and some Photos of a climb at Cube Point

Building Wooden Boats If you don't have a boat, build a Boat

Stories Here are some of my pointless Stories.

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